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In the Spring of 2004, Demetra Angelis wanted to offer an alternative to people searching for a professional and innovative stylist who could provide head to toe, beginning to end services for any event. The D-Spot was born.

D-Spot is not a place. D-Spot is a concept; a refreshing alternative to staid practices. D-Spot’s mission is to listen and create… to give each client the individual attention he or she deserves to achieve that special look; a look and an attitude that speaks from the mind and pulsates from the heart.
Whether you are needing an on-site stylist for a music video, wanting a fresh, wholesome image for a magazine spread or promoting community consciousness; D-Spot assists in polishing your image. Vamping it up as a Roaring Twenties flapper or paying tribute to the Hollywood heart-throbs of the 1950’s. D-Spot provides the look to compliment your attitude.
D-Spot is your one stop source for achieving that one-of-a-kind creation you crave to project.
Black-tie or blue jeans, a gallery opening or simply a certain night out on the town; D-Spot’s undivided attention on you puts you in the spotlight! Makes you the center of attention! From Hair, to makeup, to attire, D-spot offers men and women the eclectic and the demure because every day is a reason for celebration.
D-Spot is available for an afternoon or several days, in-house makeovers or on-site events. Where positive, stress-free professionalism is required, D-Spot is there. D-Spot has participated in projects in the USA, England, Cyprus, Sweden and Greece.  D-Spot is the recipient of two NCA Awards and one OMC Award.
Contact D-Spot for that extra advantage.

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